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Since 2011 we work together with WorldVision Foundation Thailand World Vision and again we have undertaken the challenge to build a library - this time at a school in Ranong! And of course ... we want to donate bicycles again as well! While for us the bike is a fun thing we use for pleasure and exercise, for many kids in Thailand it provides a way - often the only way - to attend school! How many bicycles we can donate and how many children's life we can change for the better world ... well, that lies with you!
As more money you raise, as more bikes we can donate! Here an idea of a private Sponsor

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2015 Project - Kraburi School

School information

Kraburi School is located at Moo 2,
Tambol Namcheud, Kraburidistrict,
Ranong province. 

School serves students from Grade 1 to Grade 6. 


The library, including furniture, books and computers will cost US$ 44,608


Importance of the Project: Education quality in Thailand is still inferior to many countries. Thailand’s education does not focus on teaching to enable children to think or analyze by reasoning, especially teaching and learning arrangement or education to reach hill tribe children who live in remote areas and far away from civilization or in disadvantaged rural areas. Education arrangement that limits media communication, materials, according to government’s limitations, limiting knowledge to small circle. One reason showing that most children dislike reading, thinking, and additional knowledge research is due to school’s lacking of budget to promote education; no library, no books on knowledge and technology for children to study and research, no books to enhance/alert learning skills, as well as lacking of computer for children to search via internet.
School information: Ban Mae Taman School is located at 7 Moo 2, Tambol Keedchang, Maetang district, Chiangmai province 50150. Tel.053-460314. The location of Tambon Keed Chang is about 64 km. northwest of Chiang Mai. School serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. There are altogether 205 students, 113 of whom are World Vision Foundation’s sponsored children. There are 20 school personnel. The majority of students are hill tribe, such as Lisu, Karen, Hmong, Mooser, etc. In school area, there are approximately 930 villagers who can come to school to use library service for knowledge research. School comprises 4 school building with 15 classrooms, 1 dormitory, 1 meeting room which is used for meeting, sports & used as canteen. School serves 4 villages which are: Mae Taman, Thong Lakorn, Tongkham, Phapujom
Beneficiary Groups: Directly beneficiary : 205 students of Ban Mae Taman school Indirectly beneficiary : 930 Children, youths & villagers
Objective: • to be study and knowledge research center for students and disadvantaged poor • to have educational opportunity equally to students in societies in general, especially knowledge worldwide, science and modern technology • to join literacy campaign to enhance life quality development, including educational institutes and locality community organization • to encourage reading and self-study
Budget: The library, including furniture, books and computers will cost US$ 41,300
Expected Result: • Minimum of 300 visits to library per month or 60 books rented out per month • to develop in children a love for reading and to make them seek knowledge • to develop better reading, writing, analytical skills • to enable better learning methods, such as through the use of computers • to provide a learning facility for the whole community in Tambol Keedchang • to make the library an active and self-sustainable component of the community 


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Progress Report Chiang Mai

Progress Report Mai Daeng School

Progress Report Uthai Thani

Nearly 50 participants from many countries, different creeds, age groups, languages and fitness levels came together - not as a bunch of strangers, but as one family, as brothers and sisters bonded forever by this remarkable experience of cycling in
The Tour of Hope


The Tour of Hope 2011 a href="images/Pang%20Mai%20Daeng%20School%20Library_15%20Nov.pdf" see the success see details  TTOH 2011 on the WV website  

Last year’s project – a school library and community centre - at the Ban Pang Mai Dang school in Ban Chang province complete with books, tables, chairs and even computers benefits hundreds of children and adults - now and for many years to come. A legacy that was only possible with the generous help of private and corporate sponsors.
In addition of the library we donated 200 bicycles to children at three different schools in the north of Thailand. The reason for that is that many children in Thailand live too far away from any school to walk the distance. With no public transport available and no means of private transportation, many children are deprived of education... and hence of their future and hope! The donated bicycles will allow these children to attend the schools.
Having witnessed the direct and massive positive impact our donations – both the library and the bicycles – made to the children and the community and their hopes for a better future, we have decided to aim for the building of another library and community centre and the donation of more bicycles.

 World Vision (WV) is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Their work extends to over 100 million people in nearly 100 countries. When selecting the charity, our objective was to provide a maximum impact and help with the funds we can raise.

The Tour of Hope 2006 to 2010 - Our success
 "Prevention and treatment of cervical cancer" Thank-you-Letter-Jhepego 2012

To demonstrate personal commitment, and serve as good will ambassador of the corporate community, in reaching out to the less privileged individuals and communities, by sponsoring educational and healthcare support in Asia.
We raise funds for educational and healthcare support for the prevention and treatment of Cervical Cancer in Asian developing countries.
The Tour of Hope (TTOH) is an international non-profit initiative of like-minded individuals, who since 2006 regulary set up bicycle tours to raise funds and increase awareness for charity projects supporting health prevention and education. Thanks to corporate and private sponsors, hundreds of mid-wives were trained in conducting the pap smear test for early detection cancer screening.
Over 100,000 young girls and women were screened by the JPHIEGO-trained mid-wives with the test kits purchased from the proceeds of the TTOH. We appreciate your kind assistance to this worthy cause by getting private donors such as friends, family members and colleagues for pledging money in the name of individual cyclists who pushed themselves across distance and mountains.
For five years running now, the 2010 TTOH was especiall memorable for 2 reasons : the number of active participants has grown to more than 40 riders and as the route brought us through almost 660 km of some of Thailands most beautiful sceneries - from Kanchanaburi province to Bangkok. 

Letter for The Tour of Hope from Jhpiego 2010
The speech from Prof. Khunying Kobchitt Limpaphayom at the ende of "The Tour of Hope" 2010